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1967 PORSCHE 911R -One of 20 produced

It was restored to factory condition. I have been participating in races for many years, and the regulations have changed over the years, adding things that weren't there when the car was new. Many of the parts necessary for the restoration were original and new. This restoration process is archived in a book with photos. The 100-page BARTH report is also archived.

This 911R is one of the most original cars.

matching number.

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Many 911Rs do not have original parts, so repro parts are used, but this 911R is equipped with all new original parts. There is a book containing a huge number of photos about the restoration.


ROAD-GOING-FROM-NEW never used track and race

only 10.000Km from new, accident free

Exhoust and fuel road going spec(original 993 exhoust system)

Very easy to ride around town.

The 363 bhp engine still provides high performance.

One of 40 produced

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Okamoto Collection of FERRARI Owners Club Chairman.

Condition checked by FERRARI specialist. like brand new

Porsche 917K

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1969 MORRIS MINI COOPER-S MK2 ORIGINAL . I installed as many NOS parts as possible.

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1964 and 1965 FERRARI 250 LM. Restoration in Modena Autosport

Car from My good friend COCO, Luigi chinetti Jr of N.A.R.T.


About 4 years ago, I removed almost everything and started restoring it.

The condition is still good,

the ride is comfortable, and I can't find any areas of concern.

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